MIPA Strategic Plan


To be an internationally recognised professional accountancy body serving its members and the profession and protecting the interest of the wider community

Mission Statement

  • To develop and maintain the competence of professional accountants
  • To promote high quality reporting and auditing in Mauritius
  • To safeguard public interest by upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct among its members

Core Values

  • Integrity
    • To be truthful and ethical in our behaviour.
    • Transparency and Accountability
    • To operate in openness and be responsible in all what we do.
  • Excellence
    • To strive for the highest level of standard and execute tasks to the level of competence that is expected

Members Support

  • Strategic Priority
    • Provide value added services to support the continuing development of our members.
  • Actions & Projects
    • New web based software to facilitate interaction between members and MIPA.
    • Organise events to promote networking among members.
    • Facilitate upgrading of systems and processes for SMPs.


  • Strategic Priority
    • Ensure members are aware of IESBA Code of Ethics
  • Actions & Projects
    • Monitor the changes in IESBA Code of Ethics
    • Communicate the changes to MIPA members.


  • Strategic Priority
    • Develop & Implement a framework for MIPA Qualification.
    • Ensure Continuous Professional Education of our members.
  • Actions & Projects
    • In the short term set up local tax and company law exams as additional requirement  for admission to MIPA.
    • Develop working relationship with local education and training providers and strategic partner in view of setting up exams.
    • Review and revise MIPA Rules on CPD requirements

Investigation & Discipline

  • Strategic Priority
    • To build MIPA’s capability in terms of investigation and discipline of those who fail to exercise and maintain professional standards.
  • Actions & Projects
    • Establish new Rules on investigative and disciplinary powers of MIPA.
    • Set up processes for Investigation of complaints and suspected misconduct.
    • Set up a Investigative & Disciplinary Committee.
    • Investigate individuals/firms providing accounting services without licence

Quality Assurance & International Standards

  • Strategic Priority
    • Ensure adherence to international norms both in terms of financial reporting and auditing.
  • Actions & Projects
    • Develop a framework for quality assurance reviews to be conducted by MIPA.
    • Set up Technical Committee to address topical issues as well as consider technical queries from members.
    • Disseminate accountancy news and standards updates.
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