Diving into IAS19/(revised)

Diving into IAS19/(revised)

Overview of workshop

IAS19R (which replaces IAS19 for reporting periods starting on or after 1 Jan 2013) is the IFRS accounting standard that reports on employee benefits. The diversity of employee benefits means that it is important to apply the correct accounting treatment for each type of benefit. Invariably, this requires an in depth understanding of IAS19.

The aim of this half-day workshop is two-fold: on the one hand, we will dissect IAS19 into its building blocks and go through the computation of each of the components. On the other, we will bring together the different components and show how they are connected and consolidated in the accounts.



Venue: Conference Hall A, BPML, CyberTower1, Ebene
Dates: 3 November 2016
Presenter: R.Toraub & R.Li
CPD Units: 4




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