Members with long overdue fees

Notice is hereby given to all registered Members of the Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants that they should settle their outstanding subscription. Please note that these Members have been given a deadline up to 31st January 2016 to settle their outstanding fees. Failure to do so will lead to cancellation of license of Professional Accountant (PFA) and Public Accountant (PBA), whichever is applicable.

Outstanding fees can be settled by cash/cheque payment at our office or online using credit cards. For the online payment through your MIPA account, kindly contact MIPA administration to request a new password.

Also note that Exempt Members still need to fill in the renewal form and send it to the MIPA office with a document (e.g. a recent pay slip) certifying that the Member is employed by the Government, a local authority under the Local Government Act 2011 or the Rodrigues Regional Assembly under the Rodrigues Regional Assembly Act in accordance with section 51 (4) (b) of the Financial Reporting Act 2004 as amended.

Further information please contact us by phone on the 467 7096 or email us at

The MIPA Board has compiled the above information in good faith with the available accounting information. Should the MIPA Member settle the dues before this publication, his/her name will be removed from the list. Otherwise, this list will remain static until 31 January 2016. The MIPA Board disclaims any consequential effect of a Member’s licence cancellation.


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